General terms and conditions

Clause n°1 : Object

The general terms and conditions described below detail the rights and obligations of Greendevil and his client in the sales of his goods presented on his website

Any service provided by Greendevil implies the adhesion without reserve of the buyer to the general terms and conditions.

Clause n°2: Price

The prices of the sold goods are the ones applicable at the moment of the order. They are indicated in euros and including all taxes (VAT included). Consequently, they can be augmented with the transportation fees applicable at the moment of the order.

Greendevil grants itself the right to amend its rates at any time. However, it also agrees to bill merchandise that has been ordered at the price given at the time the order was recorded.

Clause n°3: Discount

The presented prices already take in consideration any discount that Greendevil could agree on, according to its results and if the buyer already take charge of some services.

Clause n°4: Reduction

No discount will be granted for early payment.
Clause n°5: Terms of payment

Orders’ payments will be done with:

  • Cheque
  • Credit card

During the registration of the order, the buyer will have to pay the order in full. He will get the product(s) as soon as the payment will be received.

Clause n°6: Cancellation

If, within the 15 days following the orders, the buyer has not pay the due amount, the sale will be rightfully cancelled.

Clause n°7: Property reservation

Greendevil shall retain title to the products being sold until the price- principal and ancillary costs- has been paid in full.

Clause n°8: Delivery

The delivery will be made to the address given on the order form.

The customer shall bear the carriage risks in full until delivery.

In case of missing or damaged goods during transport, the buyer must make the necessary reservations on the delivery of the goods upon receipt. Besides, those reservations will have to be confirmed in writing within 5 days following the delivery, with a recorded letter with proof of receipt.

Clause n°9 : Force majeure

Greendevil’s responsibility could not be implemented if non-fulfilment or the delay in the execution of the one of its obligations described under the present general conditions rises from a case of absolute necessity. For the purposes of this Agreement, an event of Force Majeure shall mean any external event which is unforeseen and insurmountable, in accordance with the article 1148 of the Code civil.

Clause n°10 : Competent court

Any litigation related to the interpretation or execution of the present conditions of sale shall be governed in accordance with the laws of France.

If the dispute cannot be resolved out of court, it will be referred to the Court of Bordeaux.