Our brand

In the mainstream imaginary, the first representation which comes to mind when thinking about a fisherman is: slouched on his seat, on the water bank, fighting boredom and sleep. Willing to clean-up that image settled in people’s minds, mainly the result of clichés and caricatures defining fishing as a simple hobby for non-sporty people, we decided to create our brand. Indeed sports fishing, as a leisure activity or as a true passion, is what the name tells us: a real sport.

That’s how the brand was born.

The origin

Based on this wish to reinvent sports fishing’s image, a little-known and stereotyped sport among general public, Green Devil was born. It was driven by the desire to make the traditional image of a fisherman change.

Clothes are one of the main expression of our image. That’s why Green Devil’s ambition is to unite elegance and French savoir-faire to sports fishing, thanks to a range of modern, premium and everyday clothes.

And because for us a small wink is a good way of giving a tribute, we named our brand Green Devil. Why choosing this name? Simply because it’s the name given to Blackbass (or micropterus salmoides according to its scientific name) across the Atlantic. According to us, it was perfectly adapted to our brand which was developed around fishing, sport and Nature knowledge. The Green Devil brand, in reference to the greenish aspect and the combativeness of this fish, wants to be the symbol of this new vague of sports fishing supporters making themselves known in France and in Europe.

A brand: GREEN DEVIL. A logo, simple and strong, representing a wave with a Blackbass dorsal at the surface of water.

An emblematic signature: Beyond the line, because we all have the capacity to surpass ourselves, no matter if it’s during a fishing outing or in our lives…

An unique design

Our philosophy aims to associate esthetics and perfection with original and innovative designs. Our goal? Offering unique, elegant and modern products to our customers.

Green Devil’s designs are the result of 3 different worlds’ mix: fishing, fashion and nature. This alchemy, combined with a required quality, leads us to a constant research: looking for new fair-trade organic cottons, new designs and colors. At the same time, we always keep in touch with trends, which allows us to offer innovative, fashionable and original designs, which are also timeless.

Our values

The brand built itself around the will to highlight the respect of Nature, and to promote its preservation. Nature is, after all, the playing field of our sport. Besides, Green Devil stands up for sports spirit, respect of the effort and solidarity which goes way beyond inter-sports borders. In the end, our brand supports universal values leading to outdoing ourselves.

Green Devil’s creations are quality clothes, elegant and practical, promoting the respect of our environment. Wearing a Green Devil creation is sharing a passion.