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Leurre de la Pêche is an online shop specialized in fishing carnivorous lures. You will find all the necessary stuff there , in competitive prices. Fishing reel, fishing rods, lures of every horizon are present, and even some exclusive american products, for the hapiness of the fishermen always looking for new product. The seriousness of the store is recognized as much in its important stock as the quality of its shipping and the respect for its delivery dates.


After more one year of research and conception in partnership with the organization INNOVALTECH Picardie and South Seine and Marne, K-HOD Fishing commercialize  its range of soft swimbaits, based on technology 100% “Made in France”.

High quality products

An  extreme realism, an innovative design and use of premium materials do of K-HOD product a unique realization who will do the diference. Discover our range of “soft swimbait” designed for all fishermen, with the sizes, weights and adapted colors for any type of situation.